Exhibiting today for the first time at a film festival _D_Celebrating Devon Film Day! #cos

Annushka Rogers is a costumier who, depending on who you ask has different coloured hair, and wears many different hats (possibly to cover up said hair).  After graduating from Arts University Bournemouth her career diversified into chocolatier, costume trainee to assistant, and then designer.  Her employers include the likes of BBC Studios, Resource Productions, and Adidas.  And her work has featured within festivals such as the BFI London Film Festival, or online on MUBI, or as a part of Channel 4 Random Acts.

Having grown up in Devon, and always lived in the south, she often gravitates back to the beautiful country and gets involved in local productions.  Her favourite currently being Away From it All a webseries adaptation of Thomas Hardy’s classic novel Far From the Madding Crowd shot around Exmouth.

As a creative she always values a chance to challenge herself including within the film industry, and has recently been working with a small production company LFC where she has written her first short film and produced two others.  She is currently missing The Winchester, and waiting for all this to blow over.  (Especially since her latest film was about an incurable virus http://www.immuneshortfilm.com/ …. coming soon.