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Dear Readers,

My first (gloriously trashy) novel has been published via Wattpad,  a very useful platform for copywriting whilst audience testing.   

I'm in the process of planning the second novel, and in talks to  develop a HETV series and working on many short stories and screenplays.

Happy Browsing,


Where's That Vampire Too? - Novel

Alexandrya De Vendetta was not like other girls, she didn't normally get this bothered by a vampire, but she was starting to twitch each time he opened his fang filled mouth or didn't care when she stabbed him with a butter knife. An "Ow!" Would surely be common curtsey to any wound she inflicted, she had her superhuman strength and vampire hunter reputation to keep up.


Devon, UK was usually so quiet, all the sound the vampires made was "Poof." Ever so slightly nonsensical and fast paced vampire hunter parody, staring a teenager who would rather have something else to do with her life. Like eat a vat of paella. Enter Paul shouting:"Was that an alien? It bloody is!"


Enjoy if you dare.


Yay or Nay - Short Film

A washed up presenter, in an attempt to regain fame, rallies a group of mediocre crew into a dating show with matches intended to create an uproar and thus popularity. A cultural clash, Expectations dashed, what's next?

In colabration with London Filmmakers Collective.

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